Jan 1, 2017

Newsletter no.26

On 15 December EFCA published its Newsletter no. 26; an overview on the year 2016 included major policy developments in EU and UN and changes within EFCA. Click here for full text.

The effective ratification of the Paris Agreement and the reconfirmation of its commitments in Marrakech with a clear roadmap for the next two years was the most impressive progress on control of climate change ever so far. Other milestones were ICAO's initiative on reducing CO2-emissions from aviation and an agreement on lower sulphur content in fuels for shipping worldwide.

EU Member States, however, failed to agree on measures against fraudulous car producers answering criteria of justice. They preferred to bend the law; in addition, they removed proposals for ambition with respect to national ceilings of major air pollutants and skipped an additional proposal on methane emissions.