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EFCA’s president supports Korean friends

With the upcoming transfer of IUAPPA’s secretariat to Korea a period of 43 years in the United Kingdom comes to its end. The move reflects that the region which suffers most seriously of bad air quality is presently in East Asia. Because Europe is among the regions which a long experience in fighting pollution IUAPPA’s departure from Europe it is important to actively keep the relations open. To symbolise the will at the European side EFCA’s president sent an encouraging message to KOSEA; the video was presented on 5 November at KOSEA’s annual meeting

Young Sunwoo is ready to become IUAPPA’s new DG

At the closing ceremony of the 18th World Clean Air Congress, Richard Mills’ intention to step down as Director General was followed by making public that Young Sunwoo will become his successor.

Professor Young Sunwoo is president of KOSEA, the Korean Member of IUAPPA, and already known as IUAPPA’s vice-president. He was the coordinator of the very successful 17th World Congress in 2016.

EFCA congratulates IUAPPA with this succession; it looks forward to continue its cooperation between IUAPPA and EFCA with Sunwoo!

New EFCA website

Websites have a limited lifetime. EFCA’s new version follows the new trends and in October a draft version went on the internet. Its completely new look is now near to completion. While outdated material has been removed the focus now lays on EFCA’s recent activities and that of its Members.

Executive Committee




EFCA history

The European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA) was established in November 1996.

Founding members have been National Associations from France (APPA), Germany (KRdL-VDI/DIN), Italy (CSIA/ATI), The Netherlands (CLAN), United Kingdom (NSCA).

Members of the Executive Committee

Dr Andrzej Jagusiewicz president
Dr Vladimira Vadjic vice-president
Prof. John Murlis vice-president
Dr Thomas Reichert past-president
Prof. Giuseppe Fumarola past-president
Dr Joop van Ham treasurer

Delegates of the EFCA Assembly

Dr Andrzej Jagusiewicz, PIGE, Poland, president
Dr Thomas Reichert, GUS, Germany, past-president
Prof. Giuseppe Fumarola CoSRIA/ATI, Italy, past-president
Mrs Dr Vladimira Vadjic CAPPA, Croatia, vice-president
Prof. John Murlis EPUK, UK, vice-president
Dr Joop van Ham VVM-CLAN, Netherlands, treasurer
Miss Ella Koljonen FAPPS, Finland
Jean-Guy Bartaire APPA, France
Dr Rudolph Neuroth KRdL, Germany
Dr Tinus Pulles VVM-CLAN, Netherlands
Dr Marie Haeger-Eugensson SCAS, Sweden
Prof. Dr Abdurrahman Bayram TUNCAP, Turkey
Mr Richard Mills IUAPPA, UK
Dr Leonor Tarrason NILU, Norway
Prof. Dr Marianne Popp ASASPP, Austria
Andrea von Känel Cercl’Air, Switzerland
John Bynorth EP Scotland

Honorary members of the EFCA Assembly

Prof. Dr Louis Clarenburg, past-president (2002)
Dr-Ing. Klaus Grefen, past-vice-president (2006)
Prof. Bernard Festy, past-vice-president (2006)
Prof. Giuseppe Fumarola, past-president (2010)
Jean-Marie Rambaud, past-president (2011)
Dr Joop van Ham, past secretay-general (2016)


EFCA provides various types of services for different groups:

Conference organisers
General public
EFCA Members