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Newsletter 36 – 2020

The editorial of our Newsletter from March 2020 was titled « The global spread of an unknown and deadly enemy ». It was and still is SARS-CoV-2 a type of coronavirus, which escaped from Chinese laboratory in late 2019 and is causing Covid-19 illness. I wrote in it that « All of a sudden we have become exposed to its ultrafine particles. But how they are different from our core business dealing with classic UfPs ». Read more in our Newsletter

Plenary session of the 6th TFTEI annual meeting

2020, 23 October, 2020, Warsaw, Poland. Informal session on the 22nd of October

The provisional agenda of the plenary session of the 6th TFTEI annual meeting 2020, 23 October, 2020, Warsaw, Poland, as well as the REGISTRATION FORM can be received by contacting Tiziano Pignatelli (ENEA) and Emilia Konopka-Górna :  (“cc” EFCA secretariat: well before 30 September . In consideration of the difficulties related with the pandemic COVID-19, the participants are kindly requested to express their preference to attend the meeting IN PERSON or IN VIDEO CONFERENCE. The letter information will be extremely useful for the efficient organization of the meeting.

If the Meeting will be “in person”, what about to held our EFCA Assembly in Warsaw? Please inform the EFCA secretariat about your opinion.


The global spread of an unknown and deadly enemy by Andrzej Jagusiewicz, president of EFCA Dear Members, Friends and Supporters, The 2020 has just started when everyone was observing the global spread of the unknown and deadly enemy « coronavirus » read more in the Newsletter

Contribute to the European Green Deal-Just Transition Fund

EFCA has been requested to be more active towards the Commission’s legislative proposals open for adoption. Our President have screened some proposals of the EC and think that we all as EFCA confederated members should contribute primarily to the European Green Deal-Just Transition Fund, which is open for adoption and being consulted from 15 January 2020 till 12 March 2020. In short this is a complex proposal for regional policy and related regulation including budgetary implications provided interested countries take active part in its implementation. You will find the full text of the proposal „European Green Deal – Just Transition Fund” directly on:


UNECE hold the fortieth anniversary special session on 11th and 12th december 2019 to celebrate 40 years of succesful activities under the Air Convntion. The event was marked by excellent guest speakers and extended participation upon invitation, including the President of EFCA.  To read more in the incoming EFCA newsletter