Vladimira Vadjic steps down as CAPPA’s delegate

Vladimira Vadjic, CAPPA’s delegate in EFCA recently stepped down. Shortly after EFCA’s founding Vladimira, then CAPPA’s president, inquired after membership for the Croatian association; CAPPA was soon accepted as EFCA’s 6th Member.

She became CAPPA’s delegate which she combined with her presidency and at EFCA’s Assembly meetings she   gave her opinion in the discussions. Together with Krešimir Šega she started the conference series on Air Protection and managed to develop it into an event for the region of South-east Europe. EFCA recognised her achievements; Vladimira accepted to become a vice-president of EFCA. About 4 years ago, when she had transferred CAPPA’s presidency she continued the appear at some EFCA events until this year. CAPPA’s assembly decided to make her, together with Krešimir Šega, honorary members of CAPPA