Netherlands Association of Environmental Professionals – section on Clean Air and Climate Change in The Netherlands (VVM-CLAN)

Head Office
Postbus 19039                              Arthur van Schendelstraat 800
NL-3511 ML  Utrecht                      3511 ML  Utrecht
Tel.: +31-30-232 2989
Fax : +31-30-232 8041
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Chairperson           : Ir Sander Teeuwisse
International liaison : Dr Tinus Pulles (, ir Sander Teeuwisse (, dr Joop van Ham (

Organization and objectives
In 1998 CLAN merged with the Netherlands Association of Environmental Professionals, in order to bring itself in a better position for more integrated approaches towards remaining environmental problems. CLAN was founded in 1983 as the successor of SICOM which, since 1970, had represented The Netherlands in IUAPPA. CLAN aims to disseminate knowledge of air pollution, be it of a technical nature or connected with policy, politics or control and to promote research to fill existing gaps in knowledge.
Since the merger with VVM, CLAN operates as one of the sections of this professional association and organises on the average two or three activities per year for VVM members and others in the field of air pollution and climate change. Members of CLAN actively participate where possible in organising and developing international activities of other EFCA member organisations and can draw on this on all 1800 members of VVM. CLAN hosted the 8th IUAPPA World Clean Air Congress in 1989 in The Hague and organised several activities in a European and global context, including the series of non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases symposia (NCGG,                                                                                                The members of CLAN are individual members of VVM who indicated interest in the area and subjects covered by the section. Their affiliations include  research institutes; industry; central, provincial and local authorities; consultants; universities and schools. In 2013, about 500 individual VVM members are interested in CLAN activities on air pollution and about 600 in activities on climate change.

CLAN achieves its objectives through:

  • organisation of national and international conferences and of specialist meetings;
  • publications;
  • offering courses;
  • promotion of cooperation in research and of scientific acceptance of its results;
  • cooperation with other organisations which address environment-related topics.


  • Milieu (formerly ArenA): bi-quarterly journal for VVM-members on environmental topics;
  • Environmental Sciences – Journal of Integrative Environmental Research; Taylor & Francis; ISSN: 1569-3430. The title is VVM property; special rates for personal subscriptions of members of VVM and its sister associations;
  • Proceedings of symposia: national symposia are usually in Dutch; international symposia are in English and sometimes German or French;
  • Educational material.