The secretariat assists members on international aspects of their regular activities, often in cooperation with other EFCA members as listed here.  

Conferences and workshops

  • Sponsoring international conferences or workshops organized by EFCA-members at the website and in the EFCA Newsletter. EFCA Members will actively promote such EFCA events by circulating Announcements, Call for Papers or Programmes among their individual members.
  • Support by delegating representatives in international scientific committees
  • Recruiting keynote speakers for specific topics  


  • Nominating or proposing experts and/or institutes/companies for international projects of EFCA members 
  • Nominating or proposing experts for EFCA projects    

Information exchange

At its website and in its Newsletters EFCA publishes information, be it by providing references or links or by publishing summaries or integral documents on relevant scientific or policy developments. Exchange could include the following areas:   

  • Information on European Legislation and related documents
  • Progress in European policy development
  • Standards and Standardization
  • Information on member associations
  • Important national events in EFCA member states/organizations
  • National policy developments and regulation
  • Technical information
  • Congresses, workshops, symposia, research projects

Members assist in the exchange of such information. 

Publication of scientific information

EFCA furthers the publication of proceedings of the conferences and workshops which it is sponsoring, be it as book, CD-ROM, DVD, at a website or in (international) journals of its members). International journals of EFCA Members are recommended in particular. These are presently:

Environmental Sciences (, founded by VVM; EFCA is co-founder;

Pollution Atmosphérique, founded by APPA (;

Air Pollution Research, founded by TUNCAP (; Air Pollution Research is an open access journal.  


Members of EFCA associations are entitled to a special rate for a personal subscription to  Environmental Sciences, Journal of Integrative Environmental Research (published by Taylor  Francis, Details are available from the national associations. 


EFCA publishes a encyclopaedic collection of concepts in environmental sciences and European environmental policies at its website ()
EFCA-members assist each other in the exchange of students for PhD positions or curricula on environmental topics.  

Calendar of events

EFCA keeps a Calendar of Events on environmental topics and related fields 
worldwide. Organizers of meetings could consult the Calendar before planning the 
details of their activity.