EFCA collected a number of links to environmental organisations, primarily in Europe, for the convenience of its visitors. Please find the categories which have been selected.

European Institutions

International Institutions

  • WHO – World Health Organization www.who.int  
  • WMO – World Meteorological Organization www.wmo.ch  
  • UNEP – United Nations Environmental Programme www.unep.org   
  • IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change www.ipcc.ch  
  • FAO – United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization www.fao.org   
  • IGBP – International Global Geosphere-Biosphere Programme www.igbp.net    
  • International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change www.ihdp.org
  • UN-FCCC – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change   www.unfccc.int

National Institutions

Environment Ministries

Environment Agencies

     A complete list of Environment and/or Health Ministries in countries belonging to the WHO European Region is available at:www.umweltbundesamt.de/whocc/archiv/AHR16end.pdf