Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution

Head office

  • 10Rue Pierre Brosselette F-94270 LE KREMLIN BICETRE
  • Tel.: +33-(0)1 42 11 15 00; Fax : +33-(0)1 42 11 15 01

Website :

  • President: Prof. I. Roussel
  • Vice-president: Jean Guy Bartaire
  • Past-President: Prof. B. Festy
  • Honorary chairmen: Prof. A. Roussel, Dr M. Sommer, Mr P. Gaussens
  • International liaison: Jean Guy Bartaire 
  • Director of the revue Pollution Atmosphérique: Prof. I. Roussel


The A.P.P.A. is a private, non-governmental association and was founded in 1958 as a non-profitmaking association (under French law of 1901). It was recognized of public utility in 1962 and approved by the Ministry of the Environment in 1978.

The A.P.P.A was a founder member of I.U.A.P.P.A. in 1964 and had a seat in IUAPPA’s Executive Committee since. It chaired this Union from 1980 to 1983 (Dr M. Sommer).

A.P.P.A. participated in the creation of EFCA, the statutes of which were adopted in final version in Strasbourg in November 1996. On this occasion, in this city, it organized the first European specialty conference under the aegis of EFCA. A.P.P.A. is a member of the Executive Committee of EFCA.

On a national level, A.P.P.A. is decentralized through  16 Regional Committees which operate as “branches” of the head office. It has a Board of Directors with 24 members, including scientific, medical, academic and industrial, etc, personalities, providing a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional representation.


The A.P.P.A. provides the place for meetings and exchange, dialogue and proposals between industrialists, doctors, territorial developers and political representatives.

Its ambition is to be simultaneously a crossroads, a resource centre and a reference centre, with the aim of being an interface between the various players on the national and European level.

Fields of activity

Air pollution with a more specific interest in the field of effects on the environment and on human health :

  • interfacing structure for the actors interested in air quality (urban, indoor, occupational, etc) as engineers, doctors, hygienists, researchers, industry, official bodies (ministries, agencies); APPA activities are strongly and historically linked to CITEPA (Centre interprofessionel technique d’étude de la pollution atmosphérique)
  • mission of scientific vigilance in particular in the field of health effects of air pollution with experimental and epidemiological approaches
  • research studies (metrological and sociological aspects) and participation to the elaboration of the French air and environmental policies and research programs
  • public education and information: exhibitions, documents for teachers and pupils, students, doctors, etc
  • organization of technical and scientific meetings
  • distribution in France and abroad of general information and scientific articles in the review Pollution Atmosphérique.