New EFCA website

Websites have a limited lifetime. EFCA’s new version follows the new trends and in October a draft version went on the internet. Its completely new look is now near to completion. While outdated material has been removed the focus now lays on EFCA’s recent activities and that of its Members.

CAPPA presented successful Air Protection 2019

The Eleventh Croatian Scientific and Professional Conference “AIR PROTECTION 2019”, organized by the Croatian Air Pollution Prevention Association (CAPPA) was held in Bol (island of Brač, Croatia) from 15 to 19 October 2019. It gathered more than 120 participants from multiple European countries. As at the three previous Air Protection conferences (2013, 2015 and 2017), a special session was organized by EFCA: “Ultrafine particles – air quality and climate: State of play related to scientific evidence and policy proposal”. For a report see EFCA Newsletter 34.

Abstracts of presentations have been published in the Book of Abstracts. The Book will be available soon at

Richard Mills leaves IUAPPA

At IUAPPA’s recent 18th World Clean Air Congress in Istanbul Richard Mills announced his stepdown down as Director General at the end of this year. He will have worked for IUAPPA more than 20 year then. In that period he developed the mission of IUAPPA to have clean air around the world. IUAPPA’s contributions have been recognised by national Governments and finally by UNEP. The parallel interests of IUAPPA and EFCA resulted in effective cooperation. In Istanbul several of his colleagues used the opportunity to remember the highlights from their cooperation with him and to thank him for what he did for IUAPPA. Also see Richard Mills, an epoch, a view on behalf of EFCA.