Head office

  • Registered Office: Environmental Protection UK, 64 Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1DA, United Kingdom
  • E-mail: admin@environmental-protection.org.uk

Website: www.environmental-protection.org.uk

Organization and Objectives

Initially founded in 1899 as the Coal Smoke Abatement Society the National Society for Clean Air (NSCA) was given a new title of Environmental Protection UK in 2007. It is one of the UK’s oldest non-governmental organisations having its foundational structure based on being a  non-governmental, non-political organisation that brings together expertise from industry, local and central government, technical, academic and institutional bodies. It has a range of membership categories: individual; local authority; corporate; honorary; and student.

EPUK’s main objectives are to secure an improved quality of life for UK residents by working for environmental improvement; promoting clean air; effective waste management and tranquillity through the reduction of pollution, noise and other contaminants, while having due regard for other aspects of the environment, social objectives and economic factors.


  • Advancing the investigation, consideration and discussion of all forms of pollution in order to achieve its reduction or prevention;
  • Public education and professional development; EPUK organises conferences and technical training workshops; national and regional meetings; information service and library;
  • Representations to government and other authorities, both as a consultant body and on its own initiative, on all matters relating to environmental pollution and protection, including regulatory controls, standards and other control techniques.


  • Leaflets, fact sheets and teaching packs on a wide range of topics are available either free of charge or to members of the Society.
  • Essential Environment, a handbook of UK legislation and relevant European and UN initiatives covering industrial pollution control (IPPC), air, noise waste and water pollution and other general areas of pollution control information is published by Environmental Technology Publications and is available, at discount, to members of EPUK.