Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society (FAPPS)

  • Head Office: PL 136, FIN-00251  Helsinki, Finland
  • Tel.: +358-45-133 5989; E-mail :

Website :

President                     : Mrs Anu Kousa

Vice-president            : Mrs Maija Leino

Secretary                     : Mrs Ella Koljonen

International Liaison  : Mrs Ella Koljonen

                                      Ilmansuojeluyhdistys ry

                                      PL 136,  FIN-00251 HELSINKI

                                      Tel.: +358-45-133 5989;  e-mail:


Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society (FAPPS) is a non-profit NGO with a mission to promote cleaner air founded in 1976. FAPPS promotes independent, interest-free, science based knowledge on air pollution and climate issues, to support policy making and facilitating communication between stakeholders.

FAPPS actively follows the technical, scientific, administrational and regulatory development related to air pollution prevention, and promotes the development of the professional skills of the people working in the field or air pollution and climate change issues through publications. The society also organizes professional and educational seminars and excursions in Finland and abroad.

FAPPS is a member of IUAPPA (International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Associations) and The European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA).


–  to follow technical, scientific, administrative and legislative developments of air protection and climate issues

–  to plan and organise education and seminars

–  to organise excursions in Finland and abroad

–  to inform about issues of current interest in the bulletin of FAPPS (Ilmansuojelu)

–  to give statements and prepare proposals

–  to carry on publication activities

–  to participate in the international information exchange


Ilmansuojelu (mostly in Finnish, also articles in English)

–  Boreal Environmental Research (in co-operation with the Finnish Environmental Institute, the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, the Finnish Institute of Marine Research, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Limnological Society and the Finnish Water Association).