Society for Air and Soil Pollution Prevention (ASASPP)

Head office

  • c/o Commission Clean Air – Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ignaz Seipel Platz 2, A-1010 Wien
  • Tel.: +43-1 51581-2450;
  • E-mail: 


  • Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Marianne Popp
  • Vice Chair Person: Prof. Dr. Manfred Neuberger
  • International Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Walter Kofler
  • General Secretary: Mag. Franz Maier

Organisation and Objectives

The Society was founded in 1992 and joined IUAPPA the same year. It is now operating within a network with the Commission of Clean Air of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the highest scientific board for air pollution aspects in Austria and with the Umweltdachverband, the Association of the leading NGOs for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection Organisations in Austria with more then 1,300.000 members. So the Society’s main objective is to minimise the negative effects of air pollution and its ecological consequences in Austria in cooperation with scientists and NGOs but with governmental agencies and industry too.


  • To facilitate the national and international coordination of information transfer
  • Coordination and initiation of activities, both nationally and internationally, on all questions to air and soil pollution and their interaction with biological, technical,, psychosocial and economic environments.