EFCA Honorary Presidency presented to Dr. Vladimira Vađić, CAPPA

Medulin, Croatia, September 16th, 2021

Dr. Vladimira Vađić was born in 1944 in Zagreb. She was graduated at the Faculty of Technology of the Zagreb University. In 1968, she was employed at the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health where she made her doctoral dissertation and worked until her retirement as Head of the Environmental Hygiene Unit. Through her working life, Vladimira were very devoted to the air protection issues, published (as author or co-author) more than 50 scientific works. Vladimira has always been active with various Air Protection Associations starting already in former Yugoslavia, then in Croatia and finally in newly formed CAPPA, where she held various positions from secretary to vice-president and finally to its president.  In 1992, she became an International Coordinator of CAPPA. Due to her effort CAPPA was first admitted to IUAPPA and then in 1998 to EFCA, where Vladimira held its vice-presidency since 2020 until her retirement. She was very active in organising and conducting a series of AIR PROTECTION CONFERENCES where EFCA has organised her thematic sessions since 2015”

For her outstanding contribution and support to the development of EFCA and her years’ services as vice president, Vladimira was honoured from EFCA with the “Honorary Presidency”.
With great thankfulness

Dr. Andrzej Jagusiewicz
EFCA President 

Honorary President Vladimira Vađić and EFCA President Andrzej Jagusiewicz