Online meeting on Ultrafine Particles

Online meeting: 18 May 2021  2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Central European Time

Meeting Organization Information

Due to the pandemic situation and its impact on planning and scheduling of conferences and gatherings in 2021 the traditional Ultrafine Particles Symposium, held in Brussels every second year, will be postponed to 2022. But to maintain the scientific and societal contact and exchange on that issue a very condensed three-hours online meeting of the community will be organized free of charge. Meanwhile all around the globe there is now enough experience with digital tools for teaching and conferencing. Nevertheless, this online meeting 2021 does not replace the Symposium in presence.

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Chairman of the Meeting: Thomas Leisner, KIT

Need more information, please contact KIT via e-mail:

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Plenary session of the 6th TFTEI annual meeting

2020, 23 October, 2020, Warsaw, Poland. Informal session on the 22nd of October

The provisional agenda of the plenary session of the 6th TFTEI annual meeting 2020, 23 October, 2020, Warsaw, Poland, as well as the REGISTRATION FORM can be received by contacting Tiziano Pignatelli (ENEA) and Emilia Konopka-Górna :  (“cc” EFCA secretariat: well before 30 September . In consideration of the difficulties related with the pandemic COVID-19, the participants are kindly requested to express their preference to attend the meeting IN PERSON or IN VIDEO CONFERENCE. The letter information will be extremely useful for the efficient organization of the meeting.

If the Meeting will be “in person”, what about to held our EFCA Assembly in Warsaw? Please inform the EFCA secretariat about your opinion.

11th VERT Forum postponed to March 25th 2021

at EMPA-Academy, CH-8600-Duebendorf, Ueberlandstrasse 129, 9:00 to 18:00, opening and registration 8:00

Dear Colleague,

because of the worldwide continuing threat by the COVID-19 pandemic the VERT Board made the decision in alignment with EMPA to postpone the VERT Forum from September this year to Thursday March 25th 2021.

Switzerland seems to be quite safe by now but nobody can predict what will happen after the vacation weeks which are starting now. The VERT Forum is an international meeting and we are expecting many guests and speakers from other countries which makes predictions even more difficult and since we feel responsible for your safety and health during this event we had to come to this decision. The VERT Forum is also known for communication and networking and we therefore resisted on the temptation to offer a digital meeting.

We basically want to keep the main items on the agenda as announced but we would like to also use this Forum as a virus filtration event to make public that our industry can support the society with best available technology to clean the breathing air not only from soot particles.

Our sincere apologies to coming again to you with such bad news, but looking forward optimistically to another fascinating event at the forefront of new BAT-emission control technologies.

with best regards on behalf of the organizing committee

Andreas C.R.Mayer               Volker Hensel / CEO VERT              VERT-Association of BAT

+41 56 496 6414                    +49 174 864 6464               www.vert-certification-eu