12th VERT Forum

March 24th 2022 (online)

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Registration 12th VERT Forum March 24th 2022

Dear Colleague,

because of the worldwide continuing threat by the COVID-19 pandemic the VERT Board made the decision in alignment with EMPA to organize this 12th VERT Forum online using the ZOOM format, which proved to be quite useful last time. The VERT Forum is an international meeting and we are expecting many guests and speakers from other countries for whom we feel responsible for safety and health during this event, so we had to come to this decision although we will deeply miss the chances for discussion, communication and networking.

This time we will focus on

  • Health effects by UFP – new findings and the need for tighter emission limits
  • Emission quality of combustion engines as expected with Euro 7/VII
  • Best practice in large cities to clean the breathing air from in-use fleet emissions
  • VERT research projects and latest findings
  • Technical control NPTI by PN at idle for Diesel and Petrol vehicles worldwide – except USA.
  • Better particle filters for petrol engine first fit and retrofit
  • Trends and solutions for engines < 19 kW and > 560 kW
  • Bioaerosols and how to eliminate them based on the existing nanofiltration principles
  • UFP from brake wear and tire wear

Your will receive the final agenda by end of January

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We are looking forward to another fascinating VERT event

at the forefront of new BAT-emission control technologies.

With best regards on behalf of the organizing committee   

Volker Hensel / CEO VERT              Andreas Mayer / VERT S.C.                  Lars Larsen

+49 174 864 6464                              +41 56 496 6414                                    President VERT Association

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