Call for papers UFP Symposium

Ultrafine Particles – Air Quality and Climate

Brussels, Belgium – July 5 and 6, 2022

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Ultrafine particles (UFP), the nano fraction of airborne particulate matter, are considered to be causing serious health problems and environmental effects. Combustion is a major source, also by producing volatile organic pollutants which are converted in the atmosphere through photochemical reactions.

Increasing applications of man-made nanomaterials add to the problem, e.g. after incineration at the end of their lifetime. A further interest in UFP’s results from their specific role in atmospheric processes such as cloud formation and precipitation and, in fact, in climate. The relation between UFP and human health and that of UFP and climate are both areas of active research and cross-links between these fields are found nowadays. The subtitle of the conference series: “air quality and climate” reflects this development.